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Property Caretaking

This option is ideal for owners who currently have their home listed for sale on the Real Estate market and need someone to check in on the property and do light cleaning, maintenance, and make sure it is ready for showings; or for Owners who have a second home in Santa Fe, aren't interested in using it as a vacation rental and would like it looked after while they are away.

Caretaking and Maintenance Pricing


Weekly walk through of home performing the following duties:

  • Inspection of all doors and windows for signs of damage

  • Running of dishwasher and washing machine

  • Running water through all sinks, toilets, and showers 

  • Light cleaning- front entrance, quick sweep of any debris on floor, quick dusting of surfaces

  • Inspection of exterior for any signs of damage

  • Inspection of driveway for any signs of damage

  • Checking/ adjusting heat during winter months

  • Inspection of hot water heater/boiler

  • Inspection of HVAC system


  • Deep cleaning

  • Prepare house for owner arrival or home sale

  • Light Maintenance; ex. clogged drain, change air or water filters, repair locks and latches, etc

  • Landscaping and outdoor maintenance

  • Restocking refrigerator and pantry for your return

  • Any other special considerations or requirements your property may have

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