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Redesigning or remodeling your home is an investment. When you allow us to take part from the beginning rather than after you have finished, two things happen: we focus how to give our clients the most visually appealing space so they can generate the highest return for the least amount of capital, and our clients save money by getting it right the first time! Check out a couple of case studies to see what we mean.

We offer a full range of remodeling and design services, from choosing the correct sofa and lighting to full scale kitchen and bathroom remodels.


Step 1: Getting started

Give us a call! Getting in touch with us is the first step in the process. We can learn what your goals and ideas are and you can learn about what makes us a great choice for your project.

Step 2: Collaboration. Our designers & builders + your home and ideas

We meet at your property to discuss your vision and depending on the scope of the project we will bring our design & build team. We will assess the project and talk about what you would like to have done.

Step 3: Bid & Contract

A bid estimates the costs of labor, materials, and the time that  each project may take. We give you a bid to let you know how we rank among other business for customization and design. If you like what we have to offer, then we have you sign a contract with us explaining all of the logistics: The pay schedule, material costs, and changing fees. A contract keeps everyone safe. It holds us accountable as well as you so that everyone gets what they want. 

Step 4: Design Process & Concept Board

No matter if it is a small project or a big one, all projects take planning, time and effort. We need to find out your style, your favorite colors, etc, as well as take into account guests experience and use in order to smoothly carry out the project. We will present our ideas and work with you to come up with a final plan.

Step 5: Installation & Finishing Touches

Once everything is planned we bring the rest of the crew in to demo, prepare the new surface, and install. We will source and order all necessary materials and furnishings. When we have finished, everything is fresh and clean and ready to use. When we walk out the door we aren't finished; by using us as your property manager we will continue to maintain your property to keep it in top shape for paying guests and you, the owner.

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